Chemical Pumps

Wright Flow Technologies

Busines type: Manufacturer
Adress: 406 State Street, Cedar Falls, IA 50613
Phone: (319) 268-8013
Fax: (803) 216-7686
Products: Circumferential Piston Pumps, Rotary Lobe Pumps, Pump & Drive Units
Applications: Chemical Transfer, Raw Ingredients, Solvent Recovery
Pump Products

Busines type: Distributor
Adress: 190 Main Avenue, Wallington NJ 07057
Phone (toll free): (800) 429-0800
Fax: (973) 246-8167
Products: Chemical Resistant, Self-Priming Pumps
Applications: Industrial and Commercial applications: high volume liquid transfer, wastewater drainage, chemical processing
Brands: AMT, Little Giant
National-Spencer, Inc.

Busines type: Manufacturer
Adress: 9021 W Kellogg Dr, Wichita, KS 67209
Phone: (800) 231-1525
Fax: (800) 637-9511
Products: Hand Rotary Pumps for Drums, Chemical Siphon Pumps, Air Operated Double Chemical Diaphragm Pumps, Electric and Rechargeable Battery Operated Drum Pumps
Applications: Petroleum products, alcohols, chlorinated solvents, aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons, DEF, water based chemicals such as detergents, antifreeze, chemical insecticides, and soaps along with petroleum
Little Giant

Busines type: Manufacturer
Adress: 9255 Coverdale Rd., Fort Wayne, IN 46809
Phone: (260) 824-2900
Fax: (260) 824-2909
Products: Chemical Magnetic Drive Pumps
Applications: Circulation of mildly (moderately, highly) corrosive acids, alkalis, solvents, brine, plating solutions, sterile solutions, and other mildly (moderately, highly) corrosive chemicals and solutions that are compatible with the pump’s material of construction
SUNTEC Industries

Busines type: Manufacturer
Adress: 60 Aberdeen Drive, Glasgow KY 42141
Phone: (270) 651-7116
Fax: (270) 651-9276
Products: Electromagnetic (Solenoid) Pumps
Applications: Used to circulate water based liquids, to transfer chemicals
Flowserve Corporation

Busines type: Manufacturer
Adress: 5215 N. O’Connor Blvd., Suite 2300, Irving, TX 75039
Phone: (972) 443-6500
Fax: (972) 443-6800
Products: Centrifugal Chemical Process and Sump Pumps
Applications: Solvents, Polymers, Water Treatment, Water Supply and Treatment (oil and gas), Acid Transfer, Construction, Caustic and Chlor-alkali
Brands: INNOMAG, IDP, Durco, Flowserve
Roper Pump Company

Busines type: Manufacturer
Adress: 3475 Old Maysville Road, Commerce, GA 30529
Phone: (706) 335-5551
Fax: (706) 335-5490
Products: Magnetic Drive, Seal-Less Helical Gear Pumps
Applications: Chemical processing, Pharmaceutical industries, Injection and transfer applications of acids and solvents, Ultra-safe transfer of hazardous or toxic liquids, Mixing, blending and recirculating a variety of fluids
Cat Pumps

Company: Cat Pumps
Busines type: Manufacturer
Adress: 1681 94th Lane NE, Minneapolis, MN 55449
Phone: (763) 780-5440
Fax: (763) 780-2958
Products: Plunger Pumps, Piston Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps
Applications: Ag chemicals transfer, High temp liquids and mild chemical transfer