Sump Pumps

American-Marsh Pumps

Busines type: Manufacturer
Adress: 185 Progress Road, Collierville, TN 38017
Telephone: (901) 860-2329
Fax: (901) 860-2323
Products: Vertical Process Sump Pumps
Applications: Drainage, processing, sump waste, sewage, storm water
Power Equipment Direct, Inc.

Busines type: Distributor
Adress: 1325 Rodeo Drive, Bolingbrook, IL 60490
Phone: (888) 455-4682
Products: Submersible and Pedestal Sump Pumps, Battery Backup Sump Pumps
Brands: Basement Watchdog, Bur-Cam, Craftsman, FloTec, iON Products, Liberty Pumps, Little Giant, Myers, PHCC Pro Series, ProFlo, Red Lion, Simer, SumpTek, Superior Pump, Wayne, Zoeller,
Johnstone Supply

Busines type: Distributor, Store
Corporate Headquarters: 11632 NE Ainsworth Circle, Portland, OR 97220
Phone: (503) 256-3663
Fax: (503) 256-3798
Products: Submersible Sump Pumps, Upright Sump Pumps, Compact Sump Pumps
Applications: Basement sumps, Dewatering, Water transfer, Light effluent
Brands: Pentair, Little Giant

Busines type: Manufacturer
Adress: 201 Sweetland Avenue, Hillside, NJ 07205
Telephone: (908) 688-4216
Fax: (908) 686-9314
Products: Thermoplastic Vertical Centrifugal Sump Pumps
Applications: Handling of corrosive, abrasive, hazardous and toxic process fluids and plant effluents over broad temperature and pH ranges
Sulzer Pumps (US) Inc.

Busines type: Manufacturer
Office in Texas: 800 Koomey Road, Brookshire, TX 77423 Phone: (281) 934-6014
Office in Oregon: 2800 NW Front Avenue, Portland, OR 97210 Phone: (503) 205-3600
Office in South Carolina: 155 Ahlstrom Way, Easley, SC 29640 Phone: (864) 855-9090
Products: Electric Motor Vertical Sump Pumps
Applications: Drainage Sumps, Oily Water Sumps, Lube Oil Supply, Tank Transfer, Large solids containing liquids in deep sump pump applications, Large solids containing fibrous slurries in deep sump pump applications
Red Lion

Busines type: Manufacturer
Adress: 301 N MacArthur Blvd., Oklahoma City, OK 73127-6616
Phone: (844) 250-4981
Products: Thermoplastic Sump Pumps, Cast Iron Sump Pumps, Premium Submersible Stainless Steel Sump Pumps, Pedestal Sumps, Under Sink Sump Package, Back-Up Sump System
Applications: Average to high-volume water and effluent removal in residential spaces such as basements, laundry facilities, and crawl spaces
Ace Pump and Supply

Busines type: Distributor, Supplier, Store
Adress: 6013 Johnson Street, Hollywood, FL, 33024
Phone: (954) 981-7424
Products: Submersible Sump Effluent Pumps
Applications: Commercial, industrial, and home uses where liquid must be transferred or recirculated
Brands: Little Giant
A.Y. McDonald Manufacturing Co.

Busines type: Manufacturer
Adress: 4800 Chavenelle Rd,Dubuque, IA 52002
Telephone: (563) 583-7311
Fax: (563) 588-0720
Products: Electric Sump Pump
Applications: Ground water, Sump crocks in homes, motels and hotels, schools, hospitals, industrial buildings, computer and record storage rooms
Flowserve Corporation

Busines type: Manufacturer
Adress: 5215 N. O’Connor Blvd., Suite 2300, Irving, TX 75039
Phone: (972) 443-6500
Fax: (972) 443-6800
Products: Vertical Sump Pumps
Applications: Molten Salt Transfer, Chemical and Liquor, Digester, Flue Gas Desulfurization, Food Processing, Ground Water Development and Irrigation, Heavy Oil, Oil Sands and Shale, Paper Stock, Sewage Collection and Treatment, Shower Pumps, Slurry Processing, Slurry Transfer, Auxiliary Services, Bleach Chemical
Brands: Worthington, IDP
Pump Products

Busines type: Distributor
Adress: 190 Main Avenue, Wallington NJ 07057
Phone (toll free): (800) 429-0800
Fax: (973) 246-8167
Products: Electric, Battery-Powered and Water-Powered, Submersible and Pedestal Sump Pumps
Applications: Basement draining, Dewatering, Water transfer, Filtered effluent
Brands: Barnes, Goulds, Hydromatic, Liberty, Little Giant, Myers, PHCC Pro Series, Zoeller
Little Giant

Busines type: Manufacturer
Adress: 9255 Coverdale Rd., Fort Wayne, IN 46809
Phone: (260) 824-2900
Fax: (260) 824-2909
Products: Sump Pumps
Applications: Basement sumps, Dewatering, Water transfer, Light effluent, Boiler blow-down sump pits, Transformer vaults, Flood control, Impractical drainage areas, Under sinks, Laundry trays, Residential crawl spaces