Chopper Pumps

Landia, Inc

Company: Landia, Inc
Busines type: Manufacturer
Adress: 111 Triangle Trade Drive, Cary, North Carolina 27513
Telephone: (919) 466-0603
Fax: (919) 460-1666
Products: Long-shaft chopper pumps, Dry-installed chopper pumps, Submersible chopper pumps (high-pressure or medium-pressure)
Applications: Domestic and industrial wastewater, sludge and slurry, pulp, fish offal and other organic by-products

Busines type: Manufacturer
Adress: 16261 SE 130th AVE, Clackamas, OR 97015
Phone: (503) 653-0330
Fax: (503) 653-0338
Products: Chopper Pumps
Applications: Lift stations, Septage receiving, Sludge transfer and recirculation, Digester scum blankets, Clarifier scum
Corrosion Fluid Products Corp

Busines type: Distributor
Adress 1: 24450 Indoplex Circle, Farmington Hills, MI 48335
Telephone: (248) 478-0100 Fax: (248) 478-8970
Adress 2: 1850 Bay City Road, Midland, MI 48642
Telephone: (989) 496-2600 Fax: (989) 496-2960
Adress 3: 4475 Airwest Dr SE, Kentwood, MI 49512 Telephone: (616) 554-9100
Products: Chopper Pumps: submersible pumps, dry-installed pumps and long-shaft pumps (cast iron or solid stainless steel)
Brands: Landia